Katie Langermanlangermank@gmail.com

I'm Katie, designer & developer

With a background in graphic design and a history of tinkering with the web, I'm interested in how code connects design to engineering. Currently I'm a Systems Designer at GitHub working on Primer. Outside of work I co-organize Ladies that UX Boston, a meetup group empowering women who work in design and technology.

Here's what I'm currently up to


Side projects

Reality Stock Watch

The Stock Watch is a virtual stock market game for Big Brother created by Taran Armstrong. Partnering with a full stack engineer, I designed and implemented the front-end of the app built with Laravel and Vue. Over 7,000 users buy/sell mock stocks and rank on the leaderboard each week during Big Brother seasons.

Ladies that UX Boston

As one of the co-organizers of the Boston chapter of Ladies that UX, I designed and implemented a simple Gatsby site for our meetup group. Our landing page includes a Medium feed featuring our monthly #WCW posts.